Here at TACK Electronics, one of our specialties is producing a variety of complex custom cable assemblies using molded, ribbon cables and multi-conductor cables. We offer custom design expertise and have manufactured cable assemblies to fit a variety of applications and meet their unique demands. We are a UL listed manufacturer of wiring harnesses and supplier of repackaged recognized components.

Cable Assemblies

Cable Modification

Cable Modification

We are able to modify power cords, USB assemblies and other cables to fit your needs.

Multi-Conductor Cables

Multi-conductor cables are any combination of insulated conductors that are not paired. They are an extremely versatile type of cable assembly, available in a variety of sizes, colors, jacketing materials and shielding configurations.

The multi-conductor assemblies allow for easy customization, and can be used for many applications; from medical to military to motorized vehicles.

Ribbon Cable

Ribbon Cables

Ribbon cables are composed of many conducting wires that have been lined up side-by-side, to create a flat, wide cable. They are often used when space is a limiting factor because they lay flat and take up very little room.

While ribbon cables save space, they are not as flexible as other types of cables and don’t allow for sideways flexing. As a result, they are best used in applications where they can be run in a straight, flat path. Ribbon cables are perfect for use in data transmission and communications applications, as well as in the internal wiring for other electronics and appliances.

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